If you are unaware of this word, then we really need to know that where you have been living in! This is the kind of car that every kid in his childhood dreams of. When we were kids, we always wanted a car that had the logo of Ferrari on it. Still there are many Ferrari lovers who even name their horse and even put a logo of Ferrari on their car or motorcycle.

Ferrari is not just a car, it is actually love. The love for the cars that we had since we used to play with toys and dolls and always wanted our doll to sit and drive in a Ferrari, at least that is the least we could afford, at least some of us. But just like everything in this world that is surrounded with facts, there are some amazing facts about Ferrari as well that you will be pretty amazed to hear. Just like all the cars in the world, when they are manufactured, they are tested on normal roads, but Ferrari is unique and so it is race track.

Yes, you read that right, the car is not tested on a road but it owns a race track of its own which is named as Pista di Fiorano. People from all around the world go their whenever a Ferrari is launched and it is being tested and when the tests are successful, one of the spectators actually buy the first Ferrari of that series of millions of dollars and you can get a Lamborghini on rent in Dubai. The first Ferrari was not called the Ferrari, you must be disappointed to hear this but this the fact that we are here for and this is a confirmed fact that the first Ferrari was called the Auto Avio Costruzioni and it had no roof and it was red in color. At least Ferrari was always in red and always stylish from the beginning. Did you know that Ferrari was about to be owned by Ford? Yes, it is a fact but the owner of the Ferrari 488 spider for rent in Dubai was on doubt and just like that when he was about to sale his whole company and he was just a sign away and left the pen and simply said no, I am sorry and left for his showroom.